A day in Sydney : Kings Cross

Lights and colors

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Kings Cross, the local “Red Light District” is famous for the huge Coca Cola sign that sits fiercely at the end of William St, but not only. It used to be the hot spot for drugs and crime in general. It was cleaned up a lot after the lockout laws, that, to be fair, changed the entire nightlife of the city. And essentially affecting Kings Cross, obviously. Today, it’s mostly living on its old notoriety, and from the few bars and strip clubs left.

coca cola sign kings cross sydney william street sky clouds buildings

To me, Kings Cross is like home. Having lived 5 years in Pigalle (you know, the Moulin Rouge?) I am not so moved by the couple crackheads roaming the streets and the prostitutes having a smoke outside. To me, it’s just a cleaner and friendlier version of my old neighborhood in Paris.

What to do in the Cross ?

France far away from France

There are also heaps of French there! I lived four months in King Cross at two separate times, and never spoken French that much anywhere else. I was literally speaking french everyday, which sucks a bit for a English speaking place. Not that I mind running into my fellow French compadres, but I didn’t travel 20 000ks to keep speaking my own language and do the same things i do back home! It’s funny tho. The area itself reminds me of home, and i end up doing all the same things with the same people. That probably adds up to the general feeling i have about Sydney, which is that it reminds me too much of home, and i don’t like it so much. I am team Melbourne for sure !!

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The place to be for backpackers

Other than that, if you look past it’s appearance, the Cross is a pretty cool place to live in. You have tons of bars, (I personally recommend the O’Malley’s for cheap beers and the Growler’s for cool music), convenience stores and Maccas open all night, and backpackers hostels every 3 meters (especially on Victoria Rd), as well as travel agencies all around Darlinghurst Rd. Go check Happy Travels if you need help with some planning and tours, they are amazing ! And somehow, i guess we can say those backpackers perpetuate a bit the atmosphere of the old times, in their own ways 😉

shops, darlinghurst road smoke shop  sydney night street

Views of Sydney

My favourite thing about Kings Cross is the view. You can see the entire city from the corner of Darlinghurst Rd and William St, and it’s just awesome.

I used to walk the street every day on my way to work, and really got to enjoy every aspect of the view! My job was in the Westfield shopping centre, so I was walking all the way up William St to the CBD, crossing Hyde Park every day. A cute 20min walk that I would use to just enjoy the sights around. Unless I had to run to work, that is hahaha.

Where to live in Kings Cross ?

shops, darlinghurst road smoke shop sydney night street maccas

If you want to live in Kings Cross, it’s too easy. There are hostels everywhere, literally! It will all depend on you and your personal level of comfort. I have lived in three different backpackers around the Cross, they were all different, whether it is the atmosphere, the people, or the cleanliness!
My favourite hostel is Sydney Star Backpackers. It’s a teeny tiny place located off William St, in Woolloomooloo, which is about 5/10min walk down the street from Kings Cross station. Because it’s tiny, you get to meet everyone really fast and make friends that will soon feel like a family! And the view on the rooftop is amazing.

coca cola sign kings cross sydney william street sky night buildings lights cars

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