Amtrak Experience : Coast Starlight

Coast Starlight
Emeryville, CA -> Portland, OR
Aug. 2015

To be honest, most of that trip was a night. Which was cool considering it was 17hours long and I was exhausted. It was also a couple hours late.
But in the morning I got to see a bit of Northern California, and, mostly, Oregon.

This time, I wasn’t so lucky and the beautiful mountains got replaced by fields and dirty windows.

Where to board the Coast Starlight :

Stops at all main cities :

  • Emeryville (San Francisco)
  • Sacramento
  • Eugene
  • Portland

Plus a bunch of smaller towns on the way. Check out for more info.
The total trip from Emeryville to Portland is about 17hours.
In Portland, you get close to the city when arriving at the station. From Emeryville there is a shuttle that takes you straight to San Francisco.

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