Chilling in Melbourne : the street art

chilling in melbourne street art melbourne ac dc lane led zepplin wall graffiti
AC//DC Lane

Street art is a big part of living in Melbourne

Street art is an important part of Melbourne’s life. It’s everywhere! And seeing such colorful art everywhere every day really lights up your mood. I think this contributes a lot on why Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city in the world for quite a few years!

Some of the best places to enjoy art are the famous laneways. Hozier lane, AC/DC lane, Union Lane…
Union Lane was actually part of a mentoring program launched by Melbourne’s Community Cultural Development Program and showcased work created by 50 teen artists !

You can take a full walking tour of all the lanes in about a couple hours.

chilling in melbourne street art melbourne fitzroy

The best places to find street art :

(Keep in mind it changes a lot ! You can see new paintings on streets you’ve been before and that is the beauty of Melbourne !)

  • Hosier Lane
  • AC//DC Lane
  • Fitzroy St
  • Rose St
  • Caledonian Lane
  • Union Lane
  • Rutledge Lane

Fitzroy love and art

Fitzroy is another hub for cool murals to spot. Given the amount of music venues all around, and the overall lifestyle of the neighbourood, it makes sense. Just take the 86 or 11 to Brunswick St and Fitzroy St and walk around. Some of the best and most famous artists have laid a few hands around, you might be lucky !

Most importantly, don’t forget that incredible pieces of art can be hidden everywhere !
One of my favourite places is a teeny tiny lane across the Queen Victoria Markets that I used to walk by almost everyday and it’s so colorful it was enough to brighten up my mood instantly !

The artists

Some of the artists making Melbourne beautiful are pretty famous, especially on social medias. Here’s some cool Aussie street artists you can check out :

Melbourne Street art tours

street art, melbourne, fitzoy

To learn more about Melbourne street art you also can take a tour. They are usually done by artists or historians. However, note that prices vary but here’s a bunch you can check if you’re into it :

Melbourne Walks

Melbourne street tours

Urban Scrawl

The Great Australian Bucketlist

As a conclusion, I would say that all the art on the walls contribute so much to the life of the city it has evolved into a real Melbourne attraction!

You can check my portfolio for more photos of Melbourne here ! 😉

chilling in melbourne street art melbourne fitzroy

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