The Great Ocean Road

I had been in Melbourne for about a week when I found myself on the way to the Great Ocean Road, around 5 in the afternoon on a very rainy day. It was a total unplanned thing. I “planned” the whole thing with an awesome German girl named Laura, who was staying at the same place as me. We decided to go on the day before, basically got a bit of food, a few beers, and jumped in a car graciously landed to us for the occasion.

We left late afternoon and got to see the beautiful sunset skies ! Anyone who knows me knows how much i love the sky 😉 and honestly this was such a cool sunset!

We got there in the middle of the night, and slept in the car, next to the ocean, to wake up early and check out the 12 Apostles before anyone else. We got lucky!

And then off on the road we went, back to Melbourne!

great ocean road, sky, clouds, driving, road, australia, roadtrip

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