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Welcome to Mo is Traveling !

Who is Mo ?

Mo is short for Morgan. I am a tiny 30 years-old photographer who, like most of you I think, loves wandering the world, and I have brought from the few travels I have done so far, a huge amount of photos, and a lot more memories.
I have been a photographer for 10 years. Outside of traveling, I am involved in the music scene and shoot lots of shows and bands. I do portraits and landscapes as well.
As for myself, I am a tiny French girl who likes cats, drinking tea, and dying my hair a lot.

Photo © Valentine Zuczek

What is Mo is Traveling ?

Mo is Traveling started over three years ago, after my first solo trip. For a long time, it was just ideas in my head and a bunch of photos all over my drives. Then it became a bunch of notes, fun facts, and hours of research. The idea of this blog started making me even more curious about what was around me. The first online draft of this was on Tumblr and lasted only a few months, no one ever got to even see it. Fast forward three years and lots of traveling later here we are, it’s a real blog! Let’s see where the wind takes us!

To me, the point of traveling is to discover new cultures and people. In order to do that, I believe you also have to put aside who you are and where you are from so you can experience your life in a new way and understand the country you are visiting. It’s not an easy thing to do!
I am trying to travel consciously. I avoid flying as much as I can (only took one plane in Europe ever! Don’t plan on doing it again ever haha), I try to consume as little things as I can. Traveling is awesome, yes, but right now our main priority should be the planet. So I always keep that in mind wherever I go, and will try to show you how through this blog.

Where is Mo going ?

So far i have traveled to Australia, America, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands, as well as a tiny bit of my home country, France. I am planning to travel a lot more obviously ! Check out Mo Travels More to find out where I’m going next ! 😉

I think that the only way we can grow as human beings and live, instead of just surviving, is by learning from each others and other people and cultures from the world. We are more than just a piece of flesh on the Earth. And I want to try and show through my photos all the beautiful things the world can teach me through my journey over the world and along life. No one knows what the future brings, so all we can do is make most of the present so we can fully live.

That’s what I am trying to do while traveling. Because I know I have so much to learn from everywhere and everyone, and I wanna see and do as much of it as possible before I die. And I hope through my photos and writings I can make you love the world and the people that inhabit our beautiful planet as much as I do !!

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